Welcome to the HMS Wessex Association (RNR)

The Wessex Association was formed when HMS Wessex (the former RNR ShieldShorebase) which was situated in Southampton Docks closed.

Membership is open to any person who served at  HMS Wessex regardless of rank.



Next meeting will be on Wednesday 6th November


Where we meet…

366 Brook Lane, Park Gate,
Southampton, SO31 7DP

First Wednesday of each month at 20.00hrs
Pay £1 entry to The British Legion 

You can usually be signed in by one of our members.

We organize events during the year, including a Christmas and a Summer Meal.
Email: contact@wessexassoc.org.uk

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Chief Officer Wendy Vernon Browne OBE RD WRNR

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with much sadness that I have to inform you that Chief Officer Wendy Vernon Browne OBE RD WRNR passed away suddenly on the 23rd September.  Details of the funeral arrangements and the memorial service are attached.

Wendy joined the WRNR in the 1950’s and was awarded the OBE in 1981, when she was still very active at HMS WESSEX

You may be interested in the following links which show some of Wendy’s activities outside of the RNR.


David Belfield

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Is there a way to try to identify members of the formation?

My name is Martin Carroll, I used to be in the RNVR based at HMS Wessex some years back – would have been late 70s. I used to turn out on the cenotaph march pasts and I think I may have seen myself in the photo but can’t be sure.

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Summer meal 2019

The meal this summer took place on Wednesday 3rd July at the Grosvenor Casino, Southampton. It was very well supported with 20 going. No gambling chips this time, but it did give everyone time to sit and talk. The food was really good, with their new menu. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

We must start thinking about the Christmas meal…..

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Remembrance Parade March Past…. by Bob Baker RO2(TC), Bunting Tosser

Regarding the photo of Remembrance Parade March Past

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Simon Dungey – Thanks for the memories….

28 years ago today I left Southampton to join the Royal Navy at HMS Raleigh. I had a great time and got to see many places and meet people I would have never had expected to if my life had been that of a civvy. Thanks to Solent Division RNR I was given great training and helped immensely by my sea dads, especially LMEMS Mal King, Bob Heasman, Jim Arthur, and Senior ratings such as Les Mortimer, Eric Churcher etc. Sorry I cannot remember the rest of the names as the memory bank is not what it was but to all of you I served with, I thank you for what you did for me, it will never be forgotten. I had some great times with all of you and I fondly our weekends on the old Alfie and then the Itchen. Great times and great mates and great memories. Yours Aye Simon (JR) RED CREW we are the best 1986. Sorry I blooped Phil Carroll on your immaculate sweep deck mate.

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Old ship mates… by Graham Mackenzie

After being asked by Vince to come up with old photos for the website, I found these three. The black and white ones were sent to me by Doug Toogood. Continue reading

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