I remember when…

I fell off a cat!

I was doing a weekend on a P2000 and we had gone alongside in Cowes Marina. The shore leave party assembled and moved off along the pontoons, I was at the rear of the crowd talking to a shipmate not looking where I was walking. Splash! I’m in the Oggin, one of the pontoons had been removed and replaced with a youngmans board which my mate had walked across, I had walked into thin air. The two wooden piles were tied together with steel bars about 2ft under water which my shin landed on, ouch! So I’m sat on my left leg in 2ft of water and can’t get up.

When the lads had finished laughing theyhauled me out and I hobbled back to the ship, they went on to the pub. I checked my shin to find a lump like a golf ball but that wasn’t stopping my shore leave, so got changed and limped off after the others remembering to use the youngmans this time.

I found the lads in the first pub (where else) show them my golf ball and am told I must go to A&E. So to Cowes Police Station we all troop but it’s closed for the winter months. There is a free phone on the wall, so the RO contacts the duty cops and tells them that a sailor has fallen off a cat in the marina and needs medical treatment. They will send someone, where is he to be found, in the pub across the road of course. Fifteen mins later two huge police officers come into the bar and shout “where’s the sailor who fell off the cat”, here I am. They check the golf ball, report to base by radio that I am in fact injured and ask for an ambulance.

On arrival at the hospital we knock on the locked door, a nurse peeks out the window from behind a curtain, sees the ambulance men and lets us in. Just two nurses on duty and they think the shin bone could be damaged so they phone for a doctor who turns up in about half an hour and finally says it’s OK and me and my escort can leave. The ambulance had gone, we don’t know where we are so the nurse calls a taxi and we soon join the lads in the pub.

Don’t remember much about the rest of thenight due to loads of medicinal liquid.  (anon.)


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