Mandatory to have a SODS opera…

I remember on the tons when we finished a deployment, it was mandatory to have a SODS opera (sailors operatic drama society)

Sods night

Jock at a sod’s opera (the real thing!)

Although it never seemed to happen on blue crew, everyone was too worn out after 14 days on deployment. Now where was I, oh yes, we used to save our 3 cans of beer per man per day and unbeknown to them up top a few practice sessions were held in the lower seaman’s mess deck, and a good time was had by all, I can vouch for that.

SODS Practice 1982a

The Practice Session – The Evidence!


Here is a picture of the evidence, so Dick Barton and Tim Luck if you are out there reading this, see you at the next reunion and bring a few tinnies.

All the best …..  Jock Steele
Ex C.P.O. 1st class……. 

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