The Wessex BBQ 2015 … by Claire Mills

On the a20150627_193055fternoon of 26th June, the lovely little village of Newbridge was invaded by “travellers”.  A convoy of caravans blocked the road, whilst the occupants tried to decide whether to keep the sheep and chickens company (along with their inevitable waste matter) or squeeze into the smaller field next door.

In the event, Barbara, David, Pauline and Robbie plumped for the latter, whilst Vince, Fran and Claire parked their   accommodation on Judy’s drive. Malcom and Cherry along with Welly (in a separate tent!!) were consigned to the garden, and had Welly taken into consideration the slope, when pitching her tent, might not have ended up rolling down hill all night.

The invasion was due to the annual Wessex Association barbecue. Twenty years of Judy’s very warm hospitality. The numbers might have shrunk, but the quality hasn’t. Vince and Fran produce miracles from cupboards, wardrobes, and any other cubby holes in their caravan, and this year we had a real top of the range gas barbecue – eat your heart out Rick Stein!!

Pauline and Claire planned the musical entertainment round the various stages of ukulele progress. Robbie and Welly joined us, and a good old sing-song ensued. We even had a couple of encores!!!! (or maybe they were jeers, but we played on anyway). Denise followed this with another of her well planned and executed quizzes, which was just about concluded before it got dark.

Then there was the “assizes”. Judge Judy presided over the case of Barbara versus Claire and the ownership of an expensive umbrella. We learnt from Peter that you can only claim possession of something after 7 years, and not the 3 months Barbara was hoping. What a shame we had a shower of rain, then the offending umbrella would never have seen the light of day!!

It was lovely to see the evening visitors, whom I had better not name in fear of omitting someone, and great to be joined by Judy’s neighbours. The neighbours who own the field with the sheep, have quite a menagerie, and some of us spent a long time on Saturday, getting acquainted with all sorts of rescued animals. Such dedication was amazing to see.

The traditional breakfast was prepared for us by Judy and Peter on the Sunday morning, and the campers, plus Philippa who was a house guest, thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. It was brilliant having the 2 nights, as it felt like a real little holiday. Thanks to all concerned.

Gallery of BBQ photos here

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