Old ship mates… by Graham Mackenzie

After being asked by Vince to come up with old photos for the website, I found these three. The black and white ones were sent to me by Doug Toogood.

Doug Toogood

Shipmate Doug Toogood was a Communicator. This was taken around 1964/65 time.

Toogood Mackenzie Daniels

The second photograph shows Doug, myself (Graham Mackenzie) and Alan Daniels (who emigrated to Australia). We are coming back from a rabbit run in the Channel Islands.

Tot Time

This photo is of me (Graham Mackenzie) with Bill Coombes, as bubbly bosun dishing out my tot when we had a promotional evening from Pusser’s Rum, probably around 1980.

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  1. Robert Reid-Sinclair says:

    I do, Reg Deare, Mal Kemp, John Puddyfoot and me Robbie Sinclair (Reid-Sinclair)
    were all members and were in the Basingstoke Gazette in 1980 before we sailed on the Alfie to Portugal & Gib. Stainless, Ron Wills & me were on for the month. All doing our bit for Queen & Country according to the paper.

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