Ron Wills..crossed the bar 24.06.15

It is believed Ron died following a stroke. The funeral took place at Bournemouth North Cremetorium on Wednesday 8th July.

Any donations, in favour of the RNLI, can be sent to the funeral directors Harry Tomes Ltd., Barham House, 31-33 Tower Road, Boscombe BH1 4LA.

Ron is survived by his son Terry and daughter Carol Hobbs who contacted Gerry Oliver with the information.

Ron suggested some time ago that he would surprise us by an unexpected visit to W.O.G.S. but never got round to it.

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5 Responses to Ron Wills..crossed the bar 24.06.15

  1. Simon Dungey says:

    Very sorry to read this, Ron was a great character and I always remember him coming into the JR’s mess on Thursday nights with his sweep board and also fondly remember his liking for a tot or two of Brandy shandy. Farewell shippers your duty is done, fair winds and following seas RIP.

  2. We all have memory’s of Ron Wills, like where would his wig land next and who would be wearing it … The time he caught his moped wheels in the tramlines outside Wessex and went flying heavily anaesthetized with Brandy Shandy I suspect. …The time I gave him a pear from my garden and he broke a tooth, his language was very colourful to say the least. …When I was a practising Cox’n he was always there to help me out, like the bar books, which might as well have been written in Spanish for all I knew…
    R.I.P. Ron Wills M.B.E.

  3. Steve waugh lmem[m] says:

    I remember Ron with admiration and respect. I was at sea with him one day on the small MFY, can’t remember its name but it was the smaller of the two. I was down in the engine room and it was my turn to come on deck and retrieve mob dummy. This I did, amazing Ron as I was not supposed to know how to do this as I lived in the donk shop! However when feeding the boat hook back through my hands, I accidentally hit Ron on the head with the boat hook. All Ron said was, “if you are trying to knock my wig, this is what I look like without it.” He then threw his wig on the deck. I must confess at that time I didn’t realise it was a wig [very sheltered life].
    He will be missed by us all and would have liked to have gone to his funeral, but I now live in Cumbria where I was born. All the best to you all.

  4. Nick Kelly (son of Pat 'Spider' Kelly) says:

    I came across this website whilst looking for info on the HLD boats.
    My father (Spider Kelly) was in the RNR at Wessex and I spent many a wonderful Christmas there as a child.
    I was trying to remember the names of my dads friends at Wessex and I could only remember one name Ron Wills, I remember him with great affection, he stayed with us several times after ‘an evening’ at the Wessex.
    It was with great sadness to hear of his passing.
    RIP ‘Uncle’ Ron.

  5. Dave Fairclough says:

    Fond memories of Ron, I used to give him a lift to and from Wessex most Thursdays during my time there. It was Ron that got me into brandy shandies and it’s still my favourite drink now. RIP Ron old mate.

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