Invitation to HMS Wessex re-union 2016

A very successful reunion of all ranks who served at HMS Wessex was held at HMS KING ALFRED, Whale Island, Portsmouth, by kind permission of the commanding officer, Cdr Tony Stickland RD RNR, on Saturday 20 February. 

A total of 72 attended who were amply fed by John Davis which included three past COs, Capt Richard Hill, Cdr Arnold Course and Cdr David Sutton.  Also I would like to thank Lt Cdr Carl Louden RN, HMS King Alfred’s  RN Staff Officer and POs Adrian Ware and Ian Lane for their assistance and without their help the reunion could not have taken place.  Adrian and Ian are the last surviving senior rates at HMS KING ALFRED who served at HMS WESSEX.  It is hoped to hold another reunion in 2018 at a venue somewhere in the naval base where KING ALFRED is probably relocating.

David Belfield

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2 Responses to Invitation to HMS Wessex re-union 2016

  1. If I may be so bold as to make a statement. I was very apprehensive about going to the last Reunion two years ago, but was glad I did as the John Davis buffet was very good as usual, who knows who you will meet. If you are a (baldy like me) or (have only a wooden leg, not like me), I am sure you will meet someone you know from the past and have a good yarn. Miss a day off the golf course, as it will probably be raining anyway. It will give you a chance to meet me again, or not as the case may be. Bring your photos and more important bring yourselves. Hope to meet many of you again this time round. Happy new year everyone….. John Steele

  2. I found the latest reunion very enjoyable, meeting everyone again after so long, especially John and Alison Green’s photo collection, seemed like they were only taken a few weeks ago, although we all have aged a tiny bit, may see you all again at the next one.

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