Service of Commemoration for HMS Fittleton 18 & 20 September 2016

Pauline and Robbie Christie, along with many others, including ex-HMS Wessex RNR members attended on Sunday 18th September 2016

Here is an account from Pauline:

I attended the memorial service held in the village of Fittleton to remember the twelve who lost their lives when HMS Fittleton sank after a collision with HMS Mermaid forty years ago.

I met five ex members of Wessex at the service including two from the Ton Class Association.  They were aboard HMS Crofton which played a crucial role in rescuing survivors on that dreadful day.

One of the sailors who lost his life, played the organ at my wedding only two weeks before the disaster.

Families and friends along with a number of survivors attended the service which was conducted by the Chaplain of HMS President RNR.

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