Request for help: Re-HMS Wessex Ship….

Although the Wessex Association is purely for ex-HMS Wessex SHOREBASE, we received the following request concerning HMS Wessex SHIP:

To whom it may concern,

My grandad (who is 91 this August!) was in the Royal Navy in the Second World War and remembers being moored at Auckland for a re-fit in 1945 (July). He was aboard the HMS Wessex and remembers having a whole crew photograph which he has since lost. He asked me if I could have a look for it as he’d love to see it again! He said the photograph was taken by a private firm local to the area and I was wondering if you had any photos from this time of the ship or knew anyone who anyone who might. If not I also wondered whether you had any suggestions of where else I might be able to look to find the photo. It would mean a lot for both of us to find it.

Many thanks for your time- I really appreciate your help!

If anyone can help in her quest, please let me know and I will pass your details on to her.

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