Enquiry from Alan Robert Brading

My name is Alan Robert Brading (date of birth 08/12/42) from Ryde 
The Isle of Wight.  I joined the RNR in response to a recruitment poster in the 
Post Office where I worked in Ryde sometime in the late 50’s early 
60’s.  My unit was attached to HMS Wessex in Southampton.  Is it possible
for your organisation to access records as I don’t have any and my
memory is somewhat hazy?  I do remember my Commanding Officer was 
Lt Comm Ron Cawdell and other comrades I remember are Chris Old, Ernie 
Stringer and a chap called Horsepool but I cant remember his first 
name, and Jacko Jackman.  If you can unearth information about my time 
in the RNR I would be very grateful to refresh my memories of a time I 
thoroughly enjoyed.  If it is not possible for you to access these 
records, perhaps you may be able to steer me in the right 
direction.  I look forward to hearing from you either way. 

Many thanks – Alan Brading 

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