Tim Healey has crossed the bar

The funeral is at Whale Island on 12th July at 0945 

Baz will let me know the details when he gets them; as David Belfield knows, anyone attending an event at Whale Island usually has to give their name and vehicle reg. no. BJ is finding out about this as well. 

Baz had seen Tim just two weeks ago and he looked in a bad way then and as we saw at Ann’s funeral he was just a shadow of his old self,

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  1. Robert McCullen says:

    I was at Wessex for 3 months tail end of 1974 prior to joining the Andrew proper as a baby tiff. I remember Tim, he was old school CPOGI and I believe a good friend of my dad Tim McCullen who sadly crossed the bar Feb 15th this year.
    I remember Tim Healey as a cheerful man who enjoyed his pint in the mess but was also a stickler for detail on parade. Calm seas and fair winds shipmate.

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