Is there a way to try to identify members of the formation?

My name is Martin Carroll, I used to be in the RNVR based at HMS Wessex some years back – would have been late 70s. I used to turn out on the cenotaph march pasts and I think I may have seen myself in the photo but can’t be sure.

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  1. Michael Whiting says:

    My name is Michael Whiting I am in that guard right hand file third one back I was a MEM 1
    John Gould was in front rhs CPO DUDLEY was our Chief Gunnery Instructor
    Have lived in PERTH WA since 1982 left the RNR after 15 years as a CMEM and also a Ships Diver had a few trips to Gibraltar one of those trips we were guard ship and responded to a mayday call from SS Polly we rescued all the crew from the Polly including the captain. We had a visit from the captain in Tangier’s when on a jolly there and he brought drinks for the whole ships company
    Great memories of the RNR at HMS WESSEX

    • Jason Churcher says:

      Large guy, extreme left at the back, looks like it could be my grandfather William Crews (Bill) he quite often took parade and did the march past in Southampton and Raleigh in his earlier career.

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