Huge O’Donnell

Dear All

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you my father Hugh pasted away suddenly after a long battle with Lung cancer on the 2/3/2020. For all who knew him he was a cheerful soul, who loved the Navy and the RNR he would talk about his time at Wessex, I used to love  coming down to Wessex as a Sea Cadet indeed remember Harry and all the crusty ship keepers who I am sure have long since passed. After his time in the RNR dad returned to sea with RFA until he retired aged 60 as a retiree found a passion for train and worked part time as Station Manager  for Woolston until full retirement at the age 73. From retirement to death he used to help with comunicare, transporting people to/from hospital which he  had to give up due to ill health. He leaves behind his wife Bridget and 2 sons Chris and Patrick.

Bridget O’Donnell confirms that the proposed funeral arrangements will change and that now the there will be a small very family orientated Service at the Wessex Crem and that the church venue has been cancelled.
Later on the year when this virus has passed by she and her two sons are proposing to host  a Service of Thanksgiving for Hugh’s life when ‘All’ will be invited to attend and a wake following that. They are very anxious that if things were to stay as planned they might be a chance  of someone going down with the virus and she believes Hugh would no to have wanted anyone to succumb to illness at his funeral.

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